Coin Laundry with the Best Dry Cleaning




  • While staying at the Waterfront Fairmont recently,Swan Laundry gave me a pleasant surprise when they picked up my laundry. Not only did I save a lot of money over having the hotel do it, but it arrived back folded perfectly with an amazing scent. I’ve had my laundry done in many establishments over the years but I’ve never had an experience to compare to this! Great job, Swan Laundry! – Lynne Alexander
  • The people running the shop really care about what they do and their service is friendly and second to none. – Pete Repete
  • And quick – mine was done in 3 hours – yet it’s obvious that Carolyn takes great pride in both her premises and her work. I recommend Swan for anyone who wants to avoid hotel gouging, yet needs their clothes to remain the same size and color after the wash! – A Google User
  • If you go to swan laundry you’ll feel like home.You could just drop off your laundry and go enjoy the city of Vancouver.What a great place …they even have a Pink Christmas Tree !When I pick up my Laundry it is folded sooo nice and smells soo good! – A Google User
  • During my spring break vacation I had previously spent under $10 for a load of coin-op laundry, so I was a bit hesitant at paying $50 even if it was full service. The reviews and a phone call to Swan quickly won me over, plus I didn’t fancy a brisk stroll through chilly downtown with only bermuda shorts and evening approaching. A 6:30pm pickup at my B&B;, had my clothes delivered bundled and folded like new the next day around 11:30am. Civilization has its advantages, thanks Swan! (If you are sending your own clothing bag and want it returned, be sure to mention that.) – A Google User
  • Swan Laundry is Number #1!!!!!! Great service! Smiles and perfect laundry! We were surprised that we could have our Laundry delivered back to our Hotel included in their reasonable price.We went out for the whole day and returned to the most perfect folded laundry that was delivered to our room while we were out for dinner!How convenient as we were heading off on a cruise in the morning! Thanks Swan laundry! We will be back!!! and we Highly recommend this adorable Laundromat!! – A Google User